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7 Healthy Foods for Your Teeth

Good oral hygiene practice and regular visits to your dentist are essential for the health of your mouth. We know how important it is to floss and brush regularly. But what about what we eat and drink? Are there foods that help keep your teeth and gums healthy? The answer is Yes! Below is a list of … [Read more...]

6 Amazing Facts About our Teeth

We often don't think about our teeth outside the short time each day we spend brushing and flossing. But in fact, Our teeth tell the story of our lives Scientists can tell several facts about us just from our teeth. For example, our teeth reveal our age, what we eat and drink, and even where … [Read more...]

Brushing and flossing, which comes first?

Have you ever wondered if you should floss before you brush? As children, we are usually taught that brushing comes before flossing. This is one of the reasons why many people don’t floss. After brushing, the mouth feels clean and when the mouth feels clean, flossing feels like an option, not a … [Read more...]

4 Tips to protect your teeth from alcohol

For as far back as we can tell, humans have been drinking fermented beverages. Probably for just as long, we’ve been discussing the benefits and drawbacks of drinking alcohol. Today’s scientists have generated several studies reporting the positive effects of alcohol on our health.  Red wine, for … [Read more...]

DIY braces: Are they really worth it?

DIY braces and teeth-straightening kits have been popping up all over the internet. These kits promise consumers a beautiful smile, without the cost of orthodontia. Unfortunately, DIY braces come with numerous risks and can be downright dangerous. Although they may appear appealing and … [Read more...]

Is chocolate bad for your teeth?

It's Valentines Day and you indulge in a decadent, dark chocolate bar. You try not to think about the effect your treat will have on your waist line or your pearly whites. But is chocolate really bad for your teeth? You'll be surprised to find out that consuming moderate amounts of chocolate … [Read more...]

5 tips for your child’s first dentist visit

If you recently had a baby or are pregnant, you may be wondering when you should schedule your child's first dentist visit. The ideal time to take your child in for the first checkup is when your child turns one or after her first tooth erupts. Some pediatricians check the child's mouth during … [Read more...]

How smoking harms your teeth

Everyone knows that smoking causes lung cancer. Even most smokers are aware of this risk when they light up. But another danger of smoking that gets less attention is the damage it does to your teeth. Smoking breeds bacteria, which causes bad breath, yellow teeth, and gum disease. Every smoker knows … [Read more...]

Pregnancy and oral health

With your new baby on the way, your oral health is probably the last thing on your mind. You are tired. Food cravings strike every few minutes. None of your clothes seem to fit. Visiting the dentist is most likely not on your priority list. Even though your teeth may not be the most pressing … [Read more...]

Preventing gum disease

Have you been discovering blood after brushing your teeth? This blood could be an early sign of gum disease. Gum disease refers to an inflammation of your gums that could eventually corrode the bone that supports your teeth. It is caused by a build up of plaque, which contains bacteria that harms … [Read more...]