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Dental health and mental health

There is a connection between dental health and mental health.Everyone knows that maintaining your dental health will keep your gums healthy and reduce bad breath and tooth decay. But did you know that your dental health can reveal a lot about your mental state?

It has become more apparent today that there is a very strong connection between dental health and mental health. Although the two may seem worlds apart, your teeth can tell a story of their own, and visits to the dentist are proving to be crucial in helping patients find the right kind of psychological support that they otherwise may not have received.

In this article from the Alameda Health Consortium, Huong Le, a Chief Dental Officer, speaks about the integration of Behavioral Health Services in Dental Clinics. Through looking at the state of the patient’s teeth, Le explains that you can tell a lot about their mental state. The teeth can show signs of anorexia and bulimia, drug abuse, or domestic violence. These clear links between dental health and mental health can assist patients in getting the counseling and support that they need, which may not have happened without a dental visit.

How the connection between dental and mental health can help us

Huong Le explains that in dental consultations, the dentist spends more time with the clients, creating a trusting and warm environment. In these scenarios, people feel that they can open up more about themselves and their emotions, which they otherwise may never have done.

Good dental health and mental health are essential components to our well-being. Who would have thought that a dental check-up would lead to finding help when you’re unsure of where go.

Huong Le mentions that dentists are not equipped to counsel or help these clients psychologically, so they look for suitable counselors that they can refer them to for further support.

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