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How smoking harms your teeth

Smoking harms teeth!Everyone knows that smoking causes lung cancer. Even most smokers are aware of this risk when they light up. But another danger of smoking that gets less attention is the damage it does to your teeth. Smoking breeds bacteria, which causes bad breath, yellow teeth, and gum disease. Every smoker knows how hard it is to quit, which is why it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the dangers and work with your dentist to devise a plan to minimize risks.

Smoking harms your teeth in multiple ways. A cigarette decreases your mouth’s ability to fight infection, preventing your body from fighting off the bacteria produced by tobacco. Higher levels of plaque and bacteria leave you prone to a variety of health complications.

Bad breath

Particles from the cigarette remain in your mouth long after you finish smoking, causing your breath to smell like an ashtray.

The abundance of bacteria present in a smoker’s mouth can also contribute to terrible breath. No amount of mouthwash or brushing can get rid of the smell because it stems from gum disease and oral sores. The only way to get rid of the bad breath is to quit smoking and work with a dentist to treat the root problem.

Yellow teeth

Yellow teeth is one of the most common signs of a smoker. Tobacco stains the enamel on your teeth, causing staining and discoloration.

Gum disease

According to research done by the CDC, smokers are twice as likely to develop gum disease. Every cigarette increases your risk for gum disease. Smoking prevents your body from fighting off bacteria, which wears away the teeth and gums and can even lead to tooth loss.

Additionally, smoking inhibits many gum disease treatments, such as brushing and tartar removal treatments.

Oral cancer

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, 80% of oral cancer cases are smokers. People who smoke and drink are 15% more likely to develop oral cancer than smokers alone.

Reduce the harm caused by smoking

If you are a smoker, or have smoked in the past, visit your dentist to learn about how you can help prevent serious health risks. Brooklyn Dental Smiles can help diagnose conditions caused by smoking and design a treatment plan. Call today to make an appointment, or just fill out the contact form and click Send.