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Root Canal

Root canal may be one of the most feared and least understood treatments in dentistry.

What is a dental infection?

When decay (ie. Bacteria) make their way through the outer enamel of the tooth, and then through the inner dentine of the tooth, they begin to get close to the nerve. Once they pentrate the inner pulp chamber of the tooth, they cause the nerve tissue and blood vessels to become inflamed and infected. Once the decay reaches the nerve, the only treatment is a root canal.

What is the treatment?

Very simply put, the infected tissue is removed, the canals are cleaned and sterilized and the hollow spaces that remain are totally filled, preventing bacteria from regrowing there.

Is it painful?

Like all dental treatments, if the tooth is properly anesthetized, the actual treatment should be painless. In some cases of severe infection, it might be tough to get the nerve 100% numb, but in those cases, the patient receives a course of antibiotics and we let the situation calm down and only then treat it painlessly.

How much time does it take?

Most root canals can be done in one visit, however, if the tooth is painful to begin with it is often in your best interest to do it in two visits.